Commercial Window Cleaning

Look Professional All The Time

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

When a business neglects its own appearance, its customers naturally assume they’ll be neglected, too.

Our commercial window cleaning services help you show the world that you’re different… You run your business wholeheartedly and you’re on top of things.

Our Tenets


You deserve window cleaning from technicians that have skill, good judgment, and polite behavior.


You deserve to work with a company that sticks to commitments and corrects their mistakes


You deserve to work with a business that strives to work harmoniously with yours.


You deserve window cleaners that show up and do a great job every time so you can focus on your business.

How We Manage Commercial Projects:


First, our team develops the most effective and efficient strategy for cleaning your windows. We document the process so it can be improved upon and taught to new window cleaning technicians.


The process is communicated to you. Once we’ve gotten your clearance, the process is communicated to everyone on our team. Crew leads recommunicate the process as necessary.


There will always be at least 1 crew lead on site during your service appointment. Crew leads are trained extensively to navigate the team through any situation.


Project: Saint Teresa’s Academy | Kansas City, Missouri

Interior & Exterior Commercial Window Cleaning

How we clean exterior commercial windows

– Option 1: Water Fed Window Cleaning Technology + RO/DI Water | (learn more about water fed window cleaning)
– Exterior application only
– Better finished results
– Longer intervals between cleaning

– Option 2: Traditional Window Cleaning | Brush & Squeegee

Clean Windows Up To 4 Stories High Without Leaving The Ground

Get Your Windows Cleaned Without Boom Lifts in Your Parking Lot or People Hanging From Your Building.

Our water fed pole system allows us to discretely clean windows up to 60 ft high. We are able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time it takes to clean commercial glass using traditional window cleaning methods, which means your windows get cleaned without your business being disrupted.

3 - 4 Story Mid-Rise

Project: Garmin International | Olathe, Kansas

Campus / Complex

Project: Union Berkley Riverfront Apartments (largest multi-family complex ever built in KC)| Kansas City, Missouri

Capable of Handling the Largest Residential Complex in Kansas City

Got a big building with lots of difficult windows that need to be cleaned? We can help!

Prince Professional Window Cleaning has successfully completed projects on some of the largest commercial sites in Kansas City. We make it easier for facility managers to focus on other things while we make things happen.