About Prince Professional Window Cleaning

The reason Prince PWC came to be…

You’ve seen Prince Professional Window Cleaning LLC in your own neighborhood for longer than you know. Our founder, Tyler Prince used to be that 12 year old that went door to door every summer with a weed-eater and a lawnmower; a rake every fall; a snow shovel every winter. 

Prince PWC is the culmination of that same drive and entrepreneurial spirit, matured and refined over a 15 year period.

What motivates our team to wake up and come to work everyday…

It sounds cliche, but the truth is we love what we do. Our mission is to help people Enjoy A Better View.

To us, helping you Enjoy A Better View goes deeper that window cleaning – it’s about using our abilities in whatever way possible to help people gain an increasingly positive perspective on their life. In our opinion, it’s what the world needs.  

Why window cleaning?

It cannot be denied- when it comes to keeping up the home, window cleaning is as important as cutting the grass, or sweeping/vacuuming the floor. The problem is, most people don’t realize this. In fact, they don’t even notice how dirty their windows are until we’ve cleaned them.

Rarely, if ever, do we perform our services and not hear people let out a satisfied “WOW!” upon seeing the results. We’ve yet to find a service that makes people feel as good as window cleaning.

What types of clientele find value in working with Prince PWC and why?

There are two main types of clients who find value in working with Prince PWCresidential clients (home owners) and commercial clients (businesses and business owners).

Our Residential clients know that their home is one of, if not the LARGEST purchase they will ever make in their entire lives. They know they need quality upkeep and maintenance of their home. They trust Prince PWC to provide a reliable, quality driven solution that helps them with their needs.

Our Commercial clients know that their business should be considered a place where detail is not overlooked, and that includes cleanliness. They know we put the success of their business at the forefront of everything we do.

The people of Prince PWC

Tyler Prince- Founder/CEO; Father; Husband
Tyler Prince- Founder/CEO

Tyler Prince- Founder/CEO

Tyler is defined by the love that he has for his beautiful daughter, Ava, and his wife, Chelsea. He is a serial entrepreneur who finds passion in building businesses that enhance the lives of others. 



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