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Why the COVID-19 pandemic is getting hotter and the Indian government should not be blamed for it

COVID infections have risen to record levels in the country, with the death toll rising to more than 1.3 million.

The government has blamed the outbreak on poor air quality in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

But an investigation by CNN-IBN and a study published by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) reveals that the COIDS-19 outbreak is in fact much more complicated than that.

The researchers looked at data from 10,000 hospitals in the city of Mumbai, where the largest COVID outbreak took place.

The study found that COVID outbreaks were not restricted to the city, and many other cities in India had higher levels of COVID cases than Mumbai.

In Mumbai, COVID deaths rose by about 9 percent between November and January.

It was the second highest increase among cities studied.

A COVID death in India costs about Rs.20,000, according to the Indian Health Ministry.

But experts are concerned about the high costs, which could be offset by COVID treatment.

Here are 10 things to know about COVID.1.

WHO says COVID is the third most deadly virus, but experts say its true COVID rates are far higher than the official figures.

WHO data says the death rate for COVID in India has climbed by 30 percent in the past decade, with over 10 million infections.

The figures show that the number of deaths increased by about 25 percent in 2012.

But the WHO says this figure is not an accurate reflection of the actual number of infections, since it does not include the cases that died.

Experts believe the death rates of COIDS are much higher than WHO data, but still underestimate the actual incidence of COID.2.

More than a quarter of all deaths in India are attributed to COVID, and nearly half of them occur in rural areas, experts say.

According to the IMA, the largest proportion of deaths are attributed either to air pollution or to lack of care in hospitals.

Many rural areas in India lack proper sanitation facilities and health facilities.


COVID was the first virus to be transmitted via direct contact with a patient.

According a study by the World Health Organization, nearly half the deaths in the COIDs pandemic were caused by direct contact.

In addition, COIDS has been implicated in a large number of health-care facilities and hospitals, which are often poorly equipped, with inadequate staffing and poor infection control measures.

In the city-state of Delhi, COID infections have soared by about 3.4 million.


More COIDS infections are being reported in the Indian capital, Delhi, as hospitals are overwhelmed.

In 2014, nearly 100,000 cases were reported in Delhi alone.

The city has had a high rate of COIDs infections.

In 2015, the city reported more than 3,000 new cases of COBI, a coronavirus that causes fever, headache, muscle pain and cough.

The death toll for COIDS jumped to over 1.2 million in the capital.

In India, COBI has been linked to a higher risk of pneumonia, heart attacks and stroke.5.

India has one of the highest COVID mortality rates in the world, at 13 percent.

The IMA estimates that about half of all COVID fatalities in India happen in the rural areas.

Experts say the problem is the lack of proper healthcare facilities in rural India.

Experts are worried about the lack the hospitals have to treat patients.6.

More people in India died of COVI in 2014 than from any other infectious disease, according a study conducted by the Global Health Foundation.

Experts said the increase was most likely due to a surge in the number and severity of COI-related deaths.

They also said that COVI was a major contributor to the high death toll in India.7.

India is one of only three countries in the Middle East and North Africa to have an air quality index that is higher than 80 percent.

Experts note that air quality data are not regularly updated.

In contrast, WHO’s data shows that air pollution is among the top five causes of COIs death.8.

India’s COVID infection rate is the second lowest in the developing world, behind only China.

Experts attribute the country’s low air pollution to a combination of poor management of COs and high levels of public transport.

Experts point out that poor air control is one major reason for the low death toll.9.

India accounts for one-third of the global COVID burden.

Experts agree that India has the highest burden of CO-related mortality, with about 40,000 deaths per 100,0000 people.

Experts blame poor air pollution and poor public transport as the primary causes of the CO- related death tolls.10.

The COVID epidemic has caused India to shut down nearly 20,000 coal mines.

Experts question why this is the

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