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Apple AirPods will be available in a few months time

Apple has confirmed that its next generation of AirPod earbuds will arrive in a couple of months time, as the company continues to tweak its earbud line-up.

Apple’s earbuzzed-up AirPuds were launched in September, and it looks like the company’s got some work to do before its latest lineup can truly become a household name.

According to the company, Apple is now releasing its AirPads in a “limited quantity” and will offer a “very limited run” of new models for sale, which will include the EarPods.

The new AirPots have been made available in two sizes, the EarPod 2 and the EarPad 2.

While they’re both available in the same two colours, the two sizes are quite different.

In the new EarPad, the AirPad 2 has a larger profile with a slightly raised edge, which Apple claims makes the AirPod 2 “more comfortable”.

The EarPad also has a more rounded top which, according to Apple, is supposed to help reduce pressure on the ears.

The EarPad has a small battery, but it does come with a small USB charger.

The EarPod 1 has a smaller profile and is supposed a more comfortable fit for users, while the Earpad 2 has no extra ports.

The two models of the AirPad are available in four colours, white, grey, black, and silver.

The colour choices are quite varied, with white being the most common colour and grey being the only option available.

While it’s a good move by Apple to start rolling out the new Airpods in limited quantities, there’s still some work for Apple to do with its next line-ups, as it will be releasing them in a number of different colours and sizes.

The new earbuddies will only be available for a limited time, so it will take a few more months for them to become a huge household name, and the company is clearly aiming to do it right.

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