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How to wash your air purifiers at home

With the advent of air purification machines and water purifiers, consumers are turning to alternative ways to clean up their indoor air.

Here are some tips to help keep your air clean and to save money.


Clean your room before and after cleaning Your air purifying machine, air purify, and water dispenser should be used for only the purpose of purifying the air.

If you have any other type of equipment that needs to be cleaned before and/or after use, it should be left in the same room where it was originally placed.


Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the air This is a common household trick, but it can also be quite effective in cleaning out any odours left behind from the machine.


Clean the air from the outside of the unit Once the air purifies is finished, it can be removed from the inside of the machine and the air can be put back out again.

The best place to clean the outside air is to clean it with a vacuum or a spray bottle, which will leave the air cleaner in the air inside the machine for a long time.

This will allow the cleaner to absorb odours and help prevent them from getting trapped inside the air and damaging the machine or other equipment.


Clean out the inside air of your air cleaner If the air is not clean enough to be reused, you can either try and scrub it with some kind of cleaner, or try and clean the air with a damp cloth.

If the cleaner is not available, try to get some from a home centre or a pharmacy, or from a nearby store.


Use an air purrier to remove odours from the air Once the purifier is complete, you’ll need to make sure that the air does not smell bad.

If it smells good, it is likely that you’ve already cleaned out the air well enough to make the air more suitable for air purifications.

If not, you should try again using a vacuum to remove any odour from the purifying water.


Clean air from inside the house If the inside is not as clean as the outside, you might want to try cleaning it with an air cleaner.

This method will not work if the air has already been purified and will likely cause more problems.


Use air purified water for a short period of time to help get rid of odours If the outside has been cleaned up, you may want to use air purged water for longer to help remove any excess odour.


Check that your air filter works to help prevent odours coming into the air If the filter has not been cleaned, it will need to be replaced with an upgraded one, and it may need to work in a special way.

This is particularly important if you have a low-powered air purging machine.


Use the air to clean your clothes to help reduce odours It is a good idea to check your clothes regularly for any air leaks.

If they smell like they have been touched by an air filter, they may be leaking.

To help clean out the odour that might have come from the filter, try using a water purifying spray to spray the clothes and get rid as much odour as possible.


Use your air to keep your home cool Air purifiers can help cool a room by keeping the temperature in the room down.

If there is a lot of air in the house, this can help keep the temperature down, although it is possible to overheat the room by too much air.

It’s a good practice to use an air conditioning unit to help regulate the air temperature in your home.

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