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Steelers to unveil purified protein derivatives

Steelers officials have announced the formation of a research and development consortium, which includes the Pittsburgh Steelers, the University of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and the American Chemical Society.

The partnership, to be known as PED-POD, will focus on developing novel proteins with a unique bioactive profile that are more powerful and effective than existing treatments, according to a statement released by the Steelers.

The consortium is being led by Dr. Richard J. Miller, an associate professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo and an internationally recognized expert in the development of therapeutics.

“The aim of this collaboration is to further the development and testing of novel protein delivery systems that are biologically and pharmacologically more potent and efficient than currently available,” Miller said in the statement.

“We are working closely with the NFL and the University to develop this strategy.”

Miller is a director of the University’s Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory, which has a long-standing partnership with the Steelers, as well as the University and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Miller’s announcement came less than a week after the Steelers announced they would be working with the FDA to determine the effectiveness of the peptide-based therapy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ players, who have been active in the league’s efforts to develop new treatments, have been vocal in their support of the team’s initiative.

In a statement, Miller said that the group will focus “on the development, characterization, and commercialization of peptide delivery systems as a first step towards a future peptide therapy.”

The group will also seek to use the new peptide system as an adjunct to other types of treatments.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been working for years to develop peptide treatments for the brain, which have not been tested on animals yet.

Earlier this year, the team announced that they were in the early stages of testing an investigational compound that was designed to block the effects of stress and trauma on the brain.

In the past, the Steelers have tried various peptide products, but have not had any success in the testing process.

The Steelers were the first NFL team to test a drug that blocks the effect of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein that has been shown to cause the growth of nerve cells.

The team has been able to use a similar drug to treat other disorders.

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