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What’s going on with Xiaomi Air Purifier?

Xiaomi Air purifier was one of the best selling smartphones at MiC’s China event in March, and it is expected to be one of their top selling smartphones this year.

Xiaomi is expected be using the air purifiers on a lot of their phones to prevent odors from affecting the devices performance and battery life.

Xiaomi Air is not the only Xiaomi phone that is getting a water filter.

Xiaomi recently announced a water purifier for the Xiaomi Redmi 4, Redmi Note 3, Redis S5 and Redmi 5.

Xiaomi will be offering these water filters for sale on its website for just $99, but you can also get them for around $40 more.

These water purifiers are made of water-resistant plastic that is also waterproof.

Xiaomi’s air purification filter can be used to purify the air from your smartphone.

Xiaomi has also announced that Xiaomi Air will be coming to China this year as well.

Xiaomi Redmobiles Xiaomi Air and Xiaomi Redmos 4 smartphones will be getting air purifying water filters, according to a new report by Bloomberg.

Xiaomi was reportedly working on its own air purifers before launching the Xiaomi Air brand.

Xiaomi also launched the Redmi S5 in June, which is expected by some to get air purifies water filter and a camera app.

Xiaomi hopes to release a water filters water purification device later this year, but it is not yet clear if it will be a standalone device or a smartphone with a similar air purifiying water filter, like the Xiaomi Mi 5.

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