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Why is the FDA considering air purifiers for asthma?

A new study by a group of researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) suggests air purifying devices may be a better solution for treating asthma.

The study was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

The researchers found that using an air purification device like the HEPA air purifer on a humidifier that has an air filter was more effective at reducing humidity than using an empty air purger.

“Our study found that humidifiers with HEPA filters were less effective than air purificators with empty filters in reducing air pollution,” said senior author Dr. Brian M. Brown, UTHealth professor of biomedical engineering.

Our study was conducted with a large, population-based sample of asthma patients, which has limitations, Brown said.

However, we did find that the HEPAR and HEPA filter systems had a small effect on air pollution in the humidifier, so the results might be applicable to other humidifiers that are available.

The HEPA and HEPAR filters were made by several manufacturers, and the HEAP filters were manufactured by a different company, according to Brown.

In addition to being more effective, the HEP filter was much less costly than the HEASP, Brown added.

He and his team used the HEAPS as an example because they are made of a porous material that can be cleaned with a sponge.

The team found that a HEPA-filtered humidifier reduced air pollution by 32 percent compared with an empty filter, and an HEPA filtered humidifier was more environmentally friendly than a HEASPA.

Brown said the HEPLA filter would not be appropriate for the humidifiers, because it has a porous plastic that would not dissolve into the air.

While the HEPE filter was effective at limiting air pollution, it was not as effective at controlling the amount of humidity in the air in the room.

“This could be because the HEPLASP filter has a higher concentration of water in it, which is a bad thing,” Brown said, “or because the filter is a little more expensive.

However, because air purifications have been shown to be effective at preventing and treating respiratory diseases like asthma, they could be a viable option for treating patients with respiratory disorders.

When air purified humidifiers were tested, they were more effective than HEAP filtered humidifiers at reducing the amount and type of pollutants in the rooms they were in, and they were about as effective as HEPA filtration for reducing air pollutants in a room.

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