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Tech companies are investing in self-driving cars, and Elon Musk wants to get the best of both worlds

Tesla and SpaceX are making it a priority to create a new kind of car — autonomous, but not yet equipped with the same kind of high-tech features that make a self-drive system such a great idea.

Elon Musk thinks this is the future.

Musk said Wednesday that he would like to build a car that can be driven on the roads in real time, without the need for human intervention, and with a range of up to 200 miles.

“This car is going to be capable of being driven by a robot in the same way that a human can be driving,” Musk said.

“So that means it’s not going to have to be in front of a human.

It can go through all of the normal human-friendly things that are needed, like stopping, braking, and so on.

But it’s going to also have all of those self-control capabilities that a driver has.”

“And if it has that capability, it’s pretty much self-aware,” Musk added.

Musk’s vision of a self drive car has been gaining traction in recent years, but he has been keeping mum about his plans.

It’s still unclear exactly how Tesla and Musk plan to build the car.

Elon says he wants to build this car, not build a Tesla.

He told CNN last month that he was not interested in building a car with a full autonomous capability.

The only way to get to that point is for Tesla to build all of its own hardware, but Musk has also said he wants his car to be autonomous “without human intervention.”

Musk says his vision for the self drive would involve a “completely autonomous system that is very much akin to a car.”

Musk told CNN that the system would need to have an onboard computer that could “think, react, and adapt in real-time.”

The car would be able to “think” and “react” in realtime, according to Musk.

But the car would also need to be able “to drive itself” and operate in a “real world.”

Musk has said that the car will have a “full autonomous system” that can drive itself.

“It would be capable in a very simple way of operating in all situations, of operating, in the case of autonomous vehicles, in autonomous traffic,” Musk told The New York Times in January.

“In terms of the things you can do when you’re not in the car, that would be fully automatic.”

“If you were to ask me now what is the greatest technological breakthrough in human history, I would say, ‘the development of fully autonomous cars.’

But that’s not what we are doing right now.”

Musk added that his company, SpaceX, had already built “a lot of cars” for use in the world, including a car powered by electric motors, and that he is “very proud of the way they’re going.”

Musk said he would not be interested in investing in “an entirely self-contained vehicle.”

He said he had “a pretty clear vision” of what the car should be, and said he was “really looking forward to building that car.”

He added that the self-powered cars that he and his team have built are not going into production.

But Musk said the car could be built by other companies, including “a car maker or a tech company.”

Musk also said that SpaceX’s car will be able take off from a runway.

The company’s Falcon 9 rocket has been making test flights of a new version of its Falcon 9 rockets that have been designed to take off vertically.

Musk told reporters in February that he had built an airplane for the company’s Dragon capsule, a reusable rocket that is capable of taking off from land and landing vertically, like a plane.

Musk is planning to bring that airplane to the International Space Station, and he said the Falcon 9 Dragon capsule will be used to take humans to Mars.

Musk also has said he will build an orbital rocket for the U.S. military, and a space plane, but did not say when those projects would be completed.

Musk has been working on the technology for the Falcon rocket since the late 1980s, and his interest in the future of self-driven vehicles dates back to that time.

Musk once told a group of scientists that the future would be a world of “autonomous cars,” where vehicles would be designed and built by the human driver.

Musk and other engineers believe that there is a need for an autonomous car, and in April, Musk told Business Insider that he thinks it’s possible to build an autonomous vehicle within the next 10 years.

The future of the self driving car is in a race against the technology that is driving the technology today.

Google is working on self driving cars with the goal of taking over the world.

Elon said in February 2016 that Google would be working on autonomous vehicles for use on the road by the year 2020.

But now Google’s project, Project Titan, is reportedly getting pushed back.

That project

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