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Home appliance brand Purifier: New technology could save lives

Home appliances maker Purifier says it has developed a new technology that can help reduce air pollution in homes, which could save up to 80 percent of the time it takes to treat a patient.

Purifier has partnered with Microsoft to create the Air Purifier Machine, which uses a high-speed camera to capture air and turn it into a purified air, or A2, which can be pumped into a home or workplace. 

The technology works by collecting air samples and then filtering them through a machine that turns them into a filtered A2 that can be used to treat patients in the home. 

“With the air purification technology, we are able to take this air pollution pollution and turn that polluted air into pure air,” Purifier President and CEO John Schindler said. 

A 2,000-mile radius can filter the pollution and reduce the need for costly air purifiers that can take up to six hours to treat. 

Schindler says that the technology has been tested in a pilot project in Arizona, and is ready to roll out nationwide in the next few weeks. 

To use the A2 device, a person has to open the door, put a clean, dry cloth on the area and use the machine to scoop out the air. 

It takes about 10 minutes for the machine’s software to collect all the A3, or the most polluted air in a given area, and turn the A1 and A2 into filtered A3. 

Once the A4 is collected, it can be sent to a home health lab, where it can then be analyzed for pollutants. 

After that, the air is pumped into the machine, which turns it into A2. 

Pursuing air pollution is a major problem in many parts of the world, and Schindlers company says it will reduce the pollution in its home-based facilities by up to 30 percent. 

This new technology could have a huge impact on air quality, as it can help control the amount of pollution in the homes of people living near an air purifying facility, Schindling said.

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