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How to clean your air purifiers from dust, germs, and pollen

How to keep your air filters clean and prevent germs from entering your home.1.

Check to see if your air filter is properly installed.

If you don’t have a dust filter, you can test the filter by placing a rag on it and placing a small cloth or plastic bag over it.

If the filter doesn’t hold dust or other contaminants well, it can get caught on the filter’s plastic ring or on the outside of the filter housing.

If your filter does not hold dust well, you might want to upgrade it.

If you’re not sure what to look for, check your air conditioning unit or air purifying system.

Air conditioning units usually have a small dust filter and a small filter tray.

You might see an empty slot for an air filter.

If so, you should see that slot and a filter tray on the inside of the unit.

You should also see a small hole on the back of the air filter that you can poke with a stick or toothpick.

If that hole is too small to reach, you’ll need to upgrade your unit.2.

Check for dust in the air.

If it’s not coming from the outside, it might be from the inside.

Check the inside for dust.

If dust is coming from inside, then you can remove the dust from the filter and test the unit again.

If nothing’s wrong, you’re good to go.3.

If all the dust is gone, then install a dust and bacteria filter.

It’s easier to clean the filter than the filter itself.

If there are no problems, you need to replace the filter.4.

If any of the dust has come back from the air filters, then it’s time to replace them.

Replace your air conditioner with a new filter, and keep your house air quality good.

If not, it’s probably a good idea to replace your air filtration system.5.

Check your air quality.

If air quality is poor, then air quality filters may be a good choice.

If good air quality isn’t the case, you could install a better air filter than you have now.6.

If both filters have been installed, replace them and see if the new filters keep their original capacity.

If they don’t, the new air filters should have a higher capacity.

If your house is clean, your air will be cleaner.

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