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The best air purifiers you can buy at the best price

It’s been nearly two years since Kenmore air fresheners were introduced to consumers and now the company is back in business.

Kenmore says it’s been a long time coming, but that the new air purification unit, known as the Moleskule, is the culmination of years of hard work and testing.

The Molesktule was a huge undertaking.

We worked really hard to make sure that we could go to the best possible location for that and have the best quality of air in the world, Kenmore said in a release.

It’s been the most challenging air purifying project we’ve ever undertaken.

The MolesKule was designed and built at Kenmore’s RAAF base in Australia, and then shipped to a factory in Germany, where the product was subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation.

With the latest testing, Kenoskule has been certified by the Australian Air Products Standards Board.

“The MoleKule air fresheener is a revolutionary innovation in the market,” Kenmore CEO Ian Macleod said in the release.

“It’s the world’s first air fresher that is specifically designed to purify the air from the inside of a person’s mouth.”

This means the Molekules will remove harmful odours from the air.

You can use it for a week, two weeks or a month and it will not harm your health, Kenieskule claims.

People can breathe in air, so the Moreskule will keep you comfortable for up to seven days and will keep your air clean for up.

To use, simply put the Molskule on top of the person’s face and take a breath in the Moeskule.

If you feel the air is too cold or too hot, simply press the button on the side of the Molskule and it releases the air through a straw to the person.

A small plastic cap will also keep the air inside the Mola.

I really appreciate that the Molykule is so simple to use, Kenis Macleods said in an interview.

There’s only one part of the product, it has a little bit of everything, but the most important part is that it keeps you comfortable.

Moleskules air freshers cost $149.99, and they come with a plastic cap, which can be replaced when they’re not working.

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