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When the air purifiers went silent, the world lost it

In June, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a report saying air purification systems were “inherently unsafe”.

The report was released just days before the WHO conference in Geneva to discuss a global ban on air pollution.

Air purifiers emit soot, carbon dioxide and other particulates, which can harm human health.

The WHO’s report found the vast majority of air purifying systems were built in the last decade, and said these systems could not be repaired or replaced unless they were replaced within three years.

“Most people who are trying to clean their house, or their house and their property and their business or to clean up their own home, they don’t have the resources or the ability to do that,” said Dr Raghunath Kumar, an air quality specialist at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi.

“And what the air pollution experts, we are not saying the system is not safe.

But if the system that is in use is causing people to have respiratory problems, it should be replaced.

The system needs to be replaced within a year.”

Kumar told Al Jazeera the air is being pumped out of the house through a vent system, which has a built-in filter.

The system is designed to work for the next 30 years, he said, and would eventually be replaced with something that can remove all of the particles.

Kumar’s own home is currently on a ventilator.

When he first started using air purging he was told the air was safe, but then his home started coughing up huge amounts of air, and he noticed he was having trouble breathing.

“When the house started coughing, I started to feel nauseous, my eyes started to hurt, my heart started to beat irregularly,” he said.

“My heart started pumping so hard, it was like I was on oxygen.

I couldn’t breathe.”

His wife, a domestic helper, also started having problems breathing.

“She was really nauseous.

She couldn’t stand up.

She was coughing so hard,” Kumar said.

The couple were eventually given a breathing mask to try and help.

But he said he did not get a satisfactory result.

“She was having a difficult time breathing.

I said, ‘No, you need to breathe through your nose’,” he said of his wife.”

But I could not get her to breathe.

She said, I’m having a hard time breathing.’

So we said, well, you have to try something else, and I tried my own air purger.

It worked, but it was only working for a few minutes.”

He said that even after two or three days, he still found his wife was having difficulty breathing.

She was unable to stand up and walk.

She could not sit down or lay down.

It was very difficult for her to move.

It took several days for her lungs to recover.

She went back to work and started again.

“The whole house has been coughing for three days,” he added.

“I told her, I said to her, ‘You should go to hospital, because your air is going to be contaminated’.”

And she said, Well, I don’t want to go to the hospital because I have no choice’.

“In January, the Indian Supreme Court declared air pollution to be a “public health emergency”.

Kumar said there are still hundreds of thousands of people who do not have access to air purifications and many other public health issues that he did find.”

You see a lot of people, they are not able to breathe at all, and they are getting the air that they want, they want it now, they’re not getting it from their air purificator,” he explained.”

If you have a public health emergency, you should get air purifiators and you should replace them.

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