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How to wash your clothes after washing

Water purifying clothes after they’ve been washed with detergent can help protect them from water damage, according to research.

According to a study, washing clothes after each wash can help reduce the chances of them becoming contaminated with bacteria.

“Water purifying clothing after washing with detergents was found to have a significantly lower bacterial load on the surface of the garment compared to the same clothing with deterministic washing,” researchers at the University of Michigan said in a press release.

“In general, washing garments after washing is generally associated with a lower bacterial contamination risk.

However, washing with a detergent may reduce the bacterial load by up to 40 percent.”

Researchers also found that washing the clothes after a wash reduced the amount of time the garment was exposed to bacteria on the skin.

“When the washing process is done at room temperature, the detergent is often left on the garment at room temp for up to 2-3 hours,” the study stated.

The researchers suggest that this might help protect clothes from bacteria in the water, which is commonly found in contaminated water systems.

Water purifiers are increasingly popular in the United States, where consumers have increasingly come to rely on them as a part of their laundry.

They are also increasingly becoming more common in other countries.

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