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How to avoid ‘air purifiers’ at work

The most common air purifiers you see in your workplace are the one at the front desk, and they are the ones you will see most often.

There are many reasons why a workplace air purification system should not be used.

Here are some reasons why you should never have one in your office: • It may cause a false sense of security.

The air purifying system may be a deterrent for those with a history of allergies or asthma.

• It can make you feel more comfortable, and it may make you uncomfortable to use it.

• A noisy, unpleasant environment will make it harder for you to concentrate.

• Some air purifers are dangerous, and are not suitable for a workplace environment.

The Canadian Air Quality Standards Agency (CAAQSA) lists a number of reasons why air purificators may not be suitable for workplaces, including noise, chemicals, pollutants, fumes and toxic emissions.

But there is no guarantee that these devices will not cause injury or illness.

• They may have a harmful impact on your health.

Air purifiers can cause breathing problems and irritations, especially in people with asthma, asthma medications, heart disease and diabetes.

• The equipment you use can damage your eyes.

Some devices may cause eye damage by overloading the lens, which can lead to a vision impairment, or damage to the cornea, which may prevent the lens from working properly.

The CAAQAA lists a wide range of recommended equipment for air purifications.

Read more about air purIFICators and air purified workplaces.

A lot of people choose air purifies for their health.

They are more efficient, have fewer harmful effects on health and are more environmentally friendly than other ways of cleaning.

If you are unsure whether or not an air purifer is right for you, you should talk to a qualified health care professional about the best options for your workplace.

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