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Why is water in your bathtub still polluted?

The Washington Post article The latest version of the Water Quality Index found that Washington residents’ water quality improved, but the report was not published until Monday.

While the state had a positive overall score, it was still below the average score for the nation, the report found.

The report comes as the state has struggled to contain a surge of sewage that has killed more than a thousand people and sickened more than 40,000 people in recent months.

In recent months, water quality has been worse in the suburbs of Seattle, where a number of deaths and illnesses have occurred.

In the Northwest, the rate of lead poisoning has jumped to an unprecedented high, according to the Washington Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

More:In October, the city of Seattle ordered its first ever blood test for the state’s most lethal lead poisoning.

The state’s top water regulator, the state Department of Environmental Quality, said Tuesday that it will issue the first statewide drinking water standards in more than half a century.

It said it will require all public water systems in Washington to use filtration systems that filter out heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants.

The new standards are expected to take effect July 1.

In a statement, the agency said it would provide updates on the results of the tests.

The agency has been working with state regulators, the public and private sector on the standards.

The agency also said it plans to review and revise the standards in 2019, after a series of public hearings in Olympia and Spokane.

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