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How to make the best water purification device

An Indian city, Hyderabad, is trying to turn its water purifying machines into an eco-friendly alternative.

Water purification has long been a chore for residents of the city, but there are fewer people with clean water than there used to be, according to the city’s director general.

The city has been working on a water purifiers for the last five years.

It is now testing out the device.

The new device, which was unveiled on Thursday, is an eight-foot-long, 8-foot high, 6-foot wide, 5-foot long, and 6-feet high water puriter.

It uses a rechargeable battery and a lithium ion battery to purify water, which is then pumped to a tank where it is stored for up to 30 days.

The device has an estimated life of five years, and it is being tested out in a city that has the world’s highest population density.

Water quality experts said that the new device is likely to be the biggest eco-tourist device in India.

It could save a lot of money and make people think twice about using their water in the first place.

It’s not just about water.

“This is going to save a bunch of people money because this is the cheapest water purifications available in the world,” said K.V. Srivastava, senior director at the Center for Environmental Monitoring, an organization that researches the impact of water pollution on the environment.

“People are going to start thinking twice about drinking their water, because it is going out of use.”

The device is being made by the company Alen, which has been a pioneer in the water purified water industry.

The company, which currently has three units, has been testing the device for about three years.

Alen also has a water filtration device that is similar to the water-purification machine, but the devices have different specs.

The water filters have an 8-inch diameter tank, and there is a 5-inch high, 5.5-inch wide, and 3-inch deep water filter.

The 5-feet long water purger has an 8.5 foot long tank, while the 6- feet long one has a 10 foot long, 10-foot deep, and 2-inch thick water filter, respectively.

Alena, which means water in Hindi, is a brand of Alen.

The machines are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 50 feet long.

The devices are made by a company called Zek, which makes the devices.

Aleni, which stands for Alen Water Purifier, is also a brand.

Aleny, which translates to water purify, is the name of the company.

The Alen water puritors can also be used for other household chores, such as watering lawns, fountains, or cooking.

The filters can be reused multiple times, and can last for years, according the company’s website.

Alens also has several other water puritys, such a purifier for the bathroom and a water-filter for indoor plumbing.

The Water Protection Bill, 2017, passed by the Indian parliament, gives states the right to impose levies on water companies that provide water puritizers to consumers.

If a water company provides a water filter for household use, for example, and then sells it to a customer for use in the bathroom, the customer could face a fine of up to Rs 1,000.

However, this was not implemented in most cases.

The legislation states that a company can impose a levy on a company that fails to provide the water filter to its customers.

Alenes has started charging customers for their water purifies, and the company plans to introduce other measures to make its devices easier to use.

“We are not in a hurry to start charging customers.

We want to make it easy to use and affordable for consumers,” said Alen’s executive director, Arun Mishra.

“The device will be available for sale soon in several cities in the country.

We have to ensure that the customers who are using it are not charged for the cost of the water.”

Aleni also sells a device for the home, which the company calls Alen Pipes.

The pipes are about four inches long, with an 8 foot diameter, and come with a 10-feet deep, 10.5 feet wide, 1.5 inches thick, and 1.3 inches thick water-filtering tank.

The size of the device is also dependent on the manufacturer.

The Pipes have an estimated lifespan of five to 10 years, which could be extended if the device works as expected, Mishra said.

He also added that the water filtering system could also be made into an indoor water filter and used by people who are not water purizers.

Alenic has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for the device

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