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Can you spot the difference between air purifiers and water purifiers?

This week’s Globe AndMail contains an article by Andrew Brown, a Canadian medical doctor and the director of the Centre for Global Health Policy, who has been researching air purification since he was a teenager.

The air purifying tablet, which is the subject of the story, is designed to eliminate the smell and harmful effects of dirty air and water.

Brown was the first person in Canada to test its effectiveness and says it works well in his home in Calgary.

The tablets contain a combination of chemicals to help clean the air, but also a chemical to help remove bacteria.

The mixture is heated and cooled, with water added to keep it stable.

If a product has a smell or a strange taste, you can tell whether it’s a water purifier or air purger.

You can also use a smartphone app to measure the concentration of the chemicals.

The Air Purifier: What you need to know to start.

The results from my tests, published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, have been extremely positive.

In my tests I have noticed no noticeable smell at all.

The smell was the only thing I noticed that was different.

It was not the same as the smell of a laundry machine, or the smell from a laundry detergent, and it was not a combination that I would associate with the smell or taste of fresh laundry detergents.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results, Brown said.

“We’re not trying to sell a product to the consumer.

We’re trying to make it easier to use, easier to clean, easier for people to use,” he said.

Brown says the air purging tablets are not a replacement for washing machines, but they do offer a different way of washing clothes.

If you’re using one, you’ll notice it’s not as effective as washing your hands, he said, because it doesn’t need to be hot or cold to work.

It’s also not as hot or warm as a machine, he noted.

“The problem with a machine is the heat and the water, and when you’re washing a machine you’re not actually using that machine for that,” Brown said, adding that he has never used one before.

He said the Air Purifiers have the potential to be a great solution to people’s air quality concerns, because they don’t require any additional equipment to clean the clothes.

Brown said there are three main ways to clean air.

The first is to put a product in the shower, but that doesn’t work well.

He recommends using a washcloth to wipe the clothes on the floor or behind the toilet seat.

He advises using a cloth towel or washcloth dipped in vinegar, a chemical that helps neutralize bacteria.

He also recommends using an air purifyer with a bottle of water to wash the clothes, but Brown says he has not seen any commercial products that can do that.

The second is to buy a filter.

The third is to use a product called an air filter, which contains an air-filled tube that is attached to a hose and that is placed inside the clothes in a bag.

Brown recommended that consumers buy a device called a filter for every new home, because there are a lot of complaints about how expensive it is.

“It costs about $1,200 for a basic model of an air compressor,” he noted, noting that it also costs about the same to buy two new air purificators.

Brown suggests that consumers invest in the Air Filters because the chemicals are inexpensive, and because they are available online.

The Globe and Mail is an ABC News multimedia service.

For more stories, go to www.globeandmail.com.

The article was produced by The Globe’s news team.

To reach Andrew Brown or to send an email to [email protected], visit www.news.globaltimes.com/news.

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