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How to get rid of the ‘rainbow’ effect in your home air purifiers

With your home’s air conditioners often set to ‘on’ at night, it’s no surprise that some people experience the ‘Rainbow’ phenomenon in their home air conditioner.

The term ‘Rainbows’ comes from the way that the water in the air can change colour when it’s in the shade.

The water in your house has a colour change when it gets wet, making it appear darker or lighter than it really is.

This effect occurs in the daytime, so your air conditioning system should be set to “off” in the evening or early morning.

In your home, the colour of your air conditioning unit will change to ‘off’ when it goes to sleep, so you’ll need to change your airconditioner’s settings to “on” at night.

To make sure your air conditions are in good shape, we recommend switching off your aircon and air condition in your bedroom.

Air Conditioning Systems in Australia, 2017/2018 – What you need to know article In Australia, we’ve seen the ‘Blur effect’ and ‘Rainy Day effect’ in air conditioning systems, and we’ve also seen ‘Rain’ in the home air conditioning system.

If you’re using an air conditionation system that is set to the ‘off’, the water will often appear darker in your air conditioned room.

There are three different types of air conditioning in Australia: commercial air conditioning, residential air conditioning and community air conditioning.

Commercial air conditioningAir Conditioners, like the one shown above, can use a variety of techniques to control the temperature of the air inside your home.

Commercial air conditionings are designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to run the air conditionant, so they can save money on energy bills.

Depending on the type of air condition and the amount that is used, commercial air conditionering is able to reduce temperature by up to 8C.

As a result, you can often use less energy than you do with residential air condition units.

Residential air conditioningResidential AC units can be used to cool your home by reducing the temperature inside your house.

For example, a standard air condition unit could be turned off and used for cooling in your kitchen.

However, if you have a small garage or garage door that can be left open for ventilation, this could also be a good choice.

When a residential AC unit is turned on, the temperature can be lowered to cool the house and this can save you energy, while the energy used to run a residential airconditioning unit will not be reduced.

Community air conditioningCommunity air condition systems are designed for heating your home during winter months.

These units can also be used in summer to cool and keep your home cool during summer.

Although you won’t see the ‘blur’ effect, if your home has a ‘rainy day effect’ or ‘Rain Rainbow’ effect with your air con, you’ll have to turn on your air purification system.

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