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How to stop a nasty smell from getting into your clothes

Water purifiers are widely used for people who live in urban areas and are sensitive to the smell of sewage.

But now, scientists are finding out there are a couple of problems with these machines.

The main one is that they’re designed to purify air, not water.

That means when they go off they make it worse.

A new study by researchers at MIT has found that the same machines can also make a cleaner air.

Researchers found that while people living in cities are less likely to use these machines, people living more rural areas are more likely to.

This means that air quality can suffer when the air purifiers go off.

The researchers found that if they changed the settings on the purifiers, the cleaner air they made could be measured.

They found that people living within a 30 minute drive of a wastewater treatment plant could see a reduction in air pollution in that area.

The researchers say this could be a useful way of measuring air quality for cities, but for rural areas the effect could be even more significant.

This could be because the rural areas have fewer air quality problems, and they also have more people in them.

The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Source: MIT press release

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