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Kansas City Window Cleaners Blind Cleaning ‘We’re not the only ones that will be affected’: Bionaire Air Purifier Company says it’s not the first to be hit by air quality concerns

‘We’re not the only ones that will be affected’: Bionaire Air Purifier Company says it’s not the first to be hit by air quality concerns

RTE 1 NEWS reporter Claire McInnes has been told that the first batch of air purifiers to hit the market is not the last but not the worst.

She says the company’s air purification unit was one of the first units to be fitted with the air purifying technology when it was introduced.

However, a spokesperson for Bionares, the company behind the unit, told her it has since been replaced with a different model.

The spokesperson said the company was aware of some of the issues around the unit and the company has been working to ensure that the units were fully tested and tested as thoroughly as possible.

It is understood that there have been issues with the units being fitted with other types of air filter, which are in addition to the air filter.

They have been fitted with a standard model of air filters and will be replacing the units with a new model in coming weeks.

“We are taking a step back to see if the issues have been fixed,” the spokesperson said.

I think this is a really important step in helping us to reduce the amount of pollution that we’re getting.

We’re doing the testing, we’re looking into it.

It’s really important that we test everything.

Bionares’ air purificator units have been manufactured at the company in Cairns and its factories in the Pilbara region of Queensland since 2013.

Air purification is a process that purifies the air by removing carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which is then absorbed by the filter and is then filtered out.

This produces a cleaner air and a healthier air quality, which has a major impact on health and safety.

In a statement, the spokesperson confirmed that it was the first time a Bionaires air puriface unit was fitted with carbon filters and said it would continue to improve the quality of its units.

What’s next for Bionsair? 

The company said it has been testing the air filters fitted to its air purifies since January.

Its testing has identified the issue and Bionas air purify units have already been fitted in a further batch of 1,000 units.

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