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We use waterfed technology and water purification to get cleaner, longer lasting results.

Cleaner Windows

Our waterfed window cleaning system uses a heavy duty nylon brush to agitate dirt in the nooks and crannies of your windows…places where a squeegee just can’t go. Then we thoroughly rinse all the dirt away with deionized water.

Longer Lasting Results

Soap and chemicals leave a residue that just traps dirt and promotes filth on your windows. We’ve swapped these cleaners out for deionized & reverse-osmosis filtered water, which removes organic material at a molecular level.

Gentler and Safer

A ladder is a liability. It’s risky for the person using it, and for the home/ business owner having their windows cleaned. Our waterfed window cleaning system enables us to clean windows 5 stories high without leaving the ground, and without damaging your property.

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